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Going Home

Tomorrow’s Television Today

Going Home is a drama or comedy format, capable of high volume production at very low cost.

Going Home is a also unique blend of soap opera, news and current affairs, comedy, reality television and interactivity.

Going Home is a five half hours a week strip.  Nothing unusual about that.  What is unique is that each episode is written/shot/edited and broadcast the same day. 

Instant drama. 

The show is set entirely on board a commuter train travelling at night.  Nine very different characters are going home from work together in the same carriage.  Their fictional journey is a lengthy one, but ‘edited’ to half an hour for broadcast.    It’s all shot reality style. 

Their long shared commute has meant the regulars have become 'friends'.  They talk about their personal and professional lives, fall in and out of love, help, criticise and involve themselves in each other’s lives and engage in lively debate about the news of the day.  Daily newspapers or current magazines are referred to, as is the hot new movie, last night’s television or tomorrow’s sports.

They flirt, argue and reveal themselves.  It’s funny, sad, dramatic and informative.  The performances are largely improvised so they are compellingly real and honest.  Most of the audience think they’re watching real people on a real train.

But there’s more – true audience interactivity.

The immediacy of broadcast and flexibility of production allows the audience to interact with the show (via social media or a website).  Daily the audience can vote on issues or characters, contribute story directions or suggest storylines and subjects.  Each morning the best of the submissions can be  incorporated in the new day’s episode.  If an idea is used, the contributor is credited on screen – they love that!

Breaking news could be the show's emphasis, or topical comedy the goal.

With careful cast/character selection, very specific demographic targeting is achievable.  It can skew young or old.  Another strength of Going Home is its diversity of opinion.  Minorities can be included, lobby groups placated. 

It can be deliberately controversial or family friendly conversational.

No programming genre engenders stronger viewer loyalty than local drama or comedy.  Going Home’s freshness creates a fanatical fan base.

Going Home is playable mornings, late afternoon, early evening or hard edged and late night. 

Going Home can be stripped, repeated the next day or omnibussed at weekends.   It can be programmed with the intensity of a Big Brother or played year round.

Going Home’s interactivity can be central to the show’s promotion, or simply a value add for the audience.

Whatever your choice or goal, Going Home is Tomorrow’s Television Today.

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