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Year(s) Production
2006-11 SEA PATROL (Nine Network/Portmans) (Creators/Producers/Executive Producers)
Action Adventure - 5 Seasons (68 episodes)
2003 BAR CAR (Showtime USA) (Creators / Consulting Producers)
TV Comedy Pilot
2002 TWENTYFOURSEVEN (SBS) (Creators/Executive Producers)
Interactive TV Comedy Drama Series (13 eps). More information under formats.
2001 BALMAIN BOYS (Columbia Tristar / Ten Network) (Co-Creators/Executive Producers)
Television Movie
2000-01 GOING HOME (SBS) (Creators / Executive Producers) - Watch Episodes
Daily TV Drama Serial
2 Series (130 eps). More information under formats.
1999-00 ABOVE THE LAW (Columbia TriStar/Ten Network) (Co-Creators/Executive Producers)
TV Drama Series (30 Eps)
1999 DOGS HEAD BAY (ABC) (Executive Producers)
Written by David Williamson
Comedy Series (13 eps)
1997-98 MURDER CALL (Nine Network)
TV Drama Series (52 Episodes and 1 TVM produced)
1996-01 WATER RATS (Nine Network)
(Co-Creator / EP #1-66)
TV Drama Series (177 episodes produced) Award Winner
1994-05 BLUE HEELERS (Seven Network)
(Co-Creator / EP #1-181)
Drama Series (510 episodes produced) Award Winner
1994-98 AMAZING (Seven Network)
(Creator/EP #1-260)
Children's TV Game Show (Over 700 episodes produced)
1993 THE SUM OF US (Goldwyn) Producer d. Kevin Dowling, s. Russell Crowe, Jack Thompson
Feature Film
1990 WHICH WAY HOME (Turner Broadcasting) Producer d. Carl Schultz, s. Cybill Shephard, John Waters
4 Hour Mini-Series
(Co-Creator, EP) d. Robert Markowitz, s. Gary Busey
6 Hour Mini-Series
1986 THE LAST FRONTIER (CBS/Ten Network) (Co-Creator/EP) d. Simon Wincer, s. Linda Evans, Jason Robards, Jack Thompson
4 Hour Mini-Series (Number 1 US Network Mini Series 1986)
1986 RETURN TO EDEN (US syndication/Worldvision/Ten Network) Producer
22 Episode TV Series
1983 RAZORBACK (Warner Bros) Producer d. Russell Mulcahy
Feature Film
1982 RETURN TO EDEN (Paramount/Worldvision/Ten Network) Producer d. Karen Arthur
6 Hour Mini-Series
1981 RATBAGS (Ten Network) (Creator/Producer)
Sketch Comedy TV Series (13 eps)
1979 DEADLINE (Worldvision / Nine Network), Producer  s.Barry Newman
Television Movie
1978 BLUE FIN (Village) Producer d. Carl Schultz
Feature Film
1977 THE LAST WAVE (United Artists), Producer d. Peter Weir, s. Richard Chamberlain
Feature Film
1975 PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK (Atlantic), Producer d. Peter Weir s. Rachel Roberts
Feature Film
1973 THE CARS THAT ATE PARIS (New Line), Producer d. Peter Weir
Feature Film