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Water Rats

WATER RATS is a fast - moving, high-suspense police action drama series, produced by Southern Star for the Nine Network.

Set in Sydney, on one of the world's most beautiful the glittering surface to tackle some of the city's most sinister and treacherous crimes.

From an explosion aboard a school excursion charter boat to ocean yachts packed with heroine, from a beautiful bandit in a negligee who breaks into expensive recreational boats to a knife-wielding jet-skier advancing on a swimmer.our elite band of water police has to cope with it all.

For they're human too, with their own secret fears, passions, rivalries, loves, tragedies and flaws. WATER RATS, a 26 part series of one-hour dramas, is a mesmerising ride along those thrills and spills, highs and lows of policing the waterways that are Sydney's life blood.

It's the cop show of the '90s; a series that will showcase the beauty and magnificence of Sydney Harbour to the world as the city prepares to stage the Year 2000 Olympics. Written by some of Australia's finest creative minds after three years of painstaking research into work of the NSW Water Police Section, shot on film and produced on twice the budget of most regular scenes, WATER RATS has already been sold all around the world, to reach an estimated international audience of 200 million people each week. the show about the men and women who desperately battle to rule the waves - and occasionally waive the rules to do so - is shot on and around the Harbour, with its production office and main location of picturesque Goat Island.

WATER RATS made its stunning debut on Nine in February 1996.

Colin Friels as Frank Holloway
Catherine McClements as Rachel "Goldie" Goldstein
Jay Laga'aia as Tommy Tavita
Brett Partridge as Gavin Sykes
Sophie Heathcote as Fiona Cassidy
Raelee Hill as Tayler Johnson
Aaron Jeffery as Terry Watson
Scott Burgess as Dave McCall
Toni Scanlan as Helen Blakemore
Peter Bensley as Jeff Hawker
Bill Young as Clarke Webb