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Sea Patrol

Sea Patrol is a broad appeal action drama.

Twenty-four sailors from every walk of life, of every age and temperament, living literally cheek by jowl for week after week, away from family and friends sometimes for months at a time in seas of all conditions with temperatures often in the 30′s.

It’s a pressure cooker that can bring out the best, and sometimes the worst, in all of them – man and woman alike. It calls upon reserves of devotion to duty, tolerance, obedience and of course humour, way beyond that which most people possess.

There is also a romanticism about the century old traditions of Naval service, be it the mysterious allure of the sea or those white uniforms!Sea Patrol is about adventures that forge deep and lasting friendships. Blue skies, white sands, throbbing motors and star filled nights. Explosive action and monumental stillness, a closeness to nature. The awesome beauty of tropical waters, its wildlife, and the terrifying intensity of tropical storms. Mysterious events and deadly consequences.

At sea, man is at his most lonely and vulnerable, entirely at the mercy of capricious Mother Nature’s unpredictable winds and waves. It’s a special kind of person who chooses to live and work ‘on the edge’ like this. They form bonds of mateship that will never be broken.

Patrol Boat sailors say their job is the best in Navy. A small boat and its crew, facing real dangers – not just war games.

Sea Patrol – everyday heroes doing an extraordinary job.

Ian Stenlake as Mike "CO" Flynn
Lisa McCune as Kate "XO" McGregor
Saskia Burmeister as Nikki "Nav" Cateano
John Batchelor as Andy "Charge" Thorpe
Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Pete “Buffer” Tomaszewski 
Conrad Coleby as Dylan “Dutchy” Mulholland
Matthew Holmes as Coxswain Chris “Swain” Blake
Kristian Schmid as Robert J Dixon "RO"
David Lyons as Josh “ET” Holliday
Nikolai Nikolaeff as Leo "2Dads" Kosov-Meyer
Kirsty Lee Allan as Rebecca “Bomber” Brown
Josh Lawson as Toby “Chefo” Jones
Jay Ryan as Billy “Spider” Webb
Danielle Horvat as Jessica Bird

Guest Stars: Steve Bisley, Sibylla Budd, Christopher Stollery, Martin Lynes, Alan Dale, Ditch Davey, Geoff Morrell, Blair McDonough, Tasma Walton and Tammy McIntosh.

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