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With more than 3 decades of media exposure and experience, Hal McElroy is widely regarded as one of the Australian film and television industry's most articulate and passionate spokesmen. 

As a consequence, he's often called upon by a range of media for commentary and by the industry itself for credible advocacy. 

Hal has appeared before Senate Committees, worked as a Board Member for the Australian Commercial Television Fund, as the Screen Producers Association of Australia's (SPAA) representative in the Industrial Court in regard to two national Awards, and attended numerous one on one meetings with Ministers and Parliamentarians on both sides of politics, State and Federal, to lobby issues and consult. 

Hal often lectures at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) and delivered the keynote address of their curriculum review in late 2004.  He's conducted numerous sessions at the annual SPAA Conferences and spoke at the  XMedia Lab's 2004 Conference in Melbourne and in Singapore in 2005.  Hal was also an advisor at the government funded Enterprise Tasman producer training initiative in 2004, 2005 and 2006. 

Hal has expanded his communication range and skills following invitations to deliver keynote addresses for the IT Skills Hub (industry funded IT upskilling) and the CEO Circle. 

This has led to corporate strategic advice, management training and other paid professional public speaking engagements.



Hal McElroy is Australia's most prolific producer with one of the longest lists of hits in the business.   His 3 decade career has produced the classic Picnic at Hanging Rock, the perennial favourite Blue Heelers , Russell Crowe's The Sum of Us , Peter Weir's The Last Wave, action with Water Rats , stylish horror with Razorback , mystery with Murder Call, glamour with Return to Eden and US network success with The Last Frontier, the world's first daily interactive drama Going Home and more recenlty 68 episodes of Australia's most ambitious action television series Sea Patrol.

Over three decades and countless trips to Hollywood, Hal has raised hundreds of millions of dollars.   He's wrestled with complex logistics and budgets to create thousands of jobs for occasionally difficult actors, writers, directors and crew. Then found creative ways to sell and market, all over the world, the more than 2000 hours of film and television he's been responsible for.  

Throughout Hal has managed to inspire people to share a collective vision, weld talented individuals into unified teams, break down walls of negativity and overcome a myriad of obstacles that would stop most people.   To not only survive but succeed in show business, the freest of free markets, is a testament to Hal's passion, perseverance, pragmatism and ability to think laterally.


"Hal McElroy was a fantastic speaker tonight who totally captured his audience.  Going from A to Z, each letter generated key words with important messages, which we found incredibly useful and relevant.  For me, I liked Curious, Just Joking and Memory.  The importance of Concept and Title were emphasized several times (makes up 75% in getting finance and audience).  I was really impressed by your positivity, honesty, sharp mind and thirst for knowledge".  Tony Chu, Networking Action for Filmmakers & Actors (NAFA) September 2014.

"Outstanding success, most impressive.  Discussion on the leadership of teams of diverse, skilled and artistic professionals for the creation of great works was inspiring.  The senior business executives present.....were intrigued, impressed, amused and enlightened.  Sincere thanks."   A J Williams, Chief Executive - Sydney, The CEO Circle Pty Ltd
"to express how much I enjoyed your presentation....It created a high level of interest.....and certainly changed perceptions.....thanks and congratulations on an excellent presentation."   Christopher Bell, CEO, The Leadership Consortium Inc.

"....thanks for the thoughtful, challenging words on the last day, and the benefit of your experience...awesome stuff!"  Brendan Harkin, Director, X Media Lab 

"....You have opinions, passion, knowledge and salesmanship....we want a visionary pitch.....for the 21st Century."   Graham Thorburn, Head of Film-TV & Digital Media, AFTRS

"Thanks for your energetic, challenging and insightful words - which really helped to kick off the discussion...." Graham Thorburn, Head of Film-TV & Digital Media, AFTRS.

"......A great session which fuelled a whole lot of energy throughout the day."  Malcolm Long, Director, AFTRS. 
"Thank you for your informative and interesting lecture on marketing from a producer's perspective.... a great afternoon; feedback from our students has been very good; they found the session invaluable."  Peter Herbert, Producing Department Course Convenor, AFTRS.