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Return to Eden

Stephanie Harper (Rebecca Gilling) is a dull, frumpy 40 year old heiress. Rich but insecure, and with two failed marriages behind her, she marries a handsome but unscrupulous younger man, tennis pro Greg Marsden (James Reyne).

Stephanie believes that she has found true love, but after the wedding, Greg promptly begins an affair with Stephanie’s best friend Jilly Stewart (Wendy Hughes).

Greg then plots to get rid of Stephanie and lay claim to her fortune. Whilst on their honeymoon, Greg pushes Stephanie into a crocodile-infested swamp, and he and Jilly watch as she is apparently mauled to death.

However, Stephanie miraculously survives and is later found washed up on a river bank by hermit Dave Welles (Bill Kerr). Dave nurses Stephanie back to health, but her face and body are horrifically scarred from the encounter with the crocodile. Dave gives her a some precious gems that he mined locally, so that she can use them to try to move on with her life.

Stephanie sells the gems and goes to an island clinic where she meets Dr. Dan Marshall (James Smillie), a brilliant plastic surgeon who uses his talents to repair her face and body.

After months of operations, Stephanie has been transformed into a beautiful woman. Using the alias Tara Welles, given to her by Dave, Stephanie returns to Sydney and becomes a glamorous supermodel. Using her new identity and fortune, she plots her revenge on Greg and Jilly and aims to take back what is rightfully hers, particularly her beloved family home Eden, a vast estate in the Northern Territory.

Rebecca Gilling as Stephanie Harper & Tara Welles
James Reyne as Greg Marsden
Wendy Hughes as Jilly Stewart
James Smilie as Dan Marshall